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Fionn Regan

I’m a little obsessed with Fionn Regan at the moment. The Shadow of An Empire hasn’t left the proverbial, virtual (read: mp3) record player for weeks (remember them?) and ‘Protection Racket’ was making me a little stir crazy late last year, rolling around in my head all night as insanely catchy as it is.

So it is with great pleasure that Bandwidth can finally arrange a session performance for you, loyal readers. And it was well worth the wait.

The band had a spare 20 minutes before soundcheck at their Belfast gig in March, at the over elegantly blithe settings of the grand old Empire Music Hall – an auld church building that was an even audler Victorian Vaudeville Hall.

They cleared the tables from the floor and set up in a circle under the giant glimmer ball, brought out the electric organ, and launched into this sublime rendition of “Violent Demeanour”.

Without further ado, pour vous…

Download for iPod (53.8 MB)

Filmed by Will McConnell
in Belfast, March 2010

Photograph by Gerard O’Mahony
Fionn Regan Bandwidth Session

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