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Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers were in Belfast for a show at the Speakeasy last November, so I grabbed 10 lovely mins with frontman Tony Dekker just after soundcheck, for two acoustic performances.

Also in attendance that bright winter day was the really wonderful Gregg Houston from Babysweet Sessions. Check out his session with Tony here.

Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line

Download for iPod (44.6 MB)

There was a certain football match on that day, so there was an eery calm to Belfast. I know someone who works in the student union office in the Mandela Hall – he opened his office window and let us climb out on the balcony, as the sun was setting over the city, and Tony had just the right song to play for that moment.

And suddenly all was right in the world for 4 minutes. And then I went home.

Great Lake Swimmers – Everything Is Moving So Fast

Download for iPod (28 MB)

Filmed by Will McConnell
in Belfast, November 2009

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